Sunday, February 03, 2008


I've begun to rethink, regarding the loud tone in which i speak. In serious terms. Perhaps, it's time to lessen my volume.

At MCC, V and Jenny used to demand that i speak softly. Well, the results did show after quite some time. I did tend to speak softly at college and at home.

When i left for Mysuru, these two, obviously, left my side. Thus, nobody was there beside me to restrain me. Nobody has taken their positions. But, i'm often asked to lower my tone.

Now, i guess, i'd better do this job. At the same time, the constant chit-chat continues. It takes quite a lot of effort from me to do this. I hope i succeed, for good. And i hope, this lasts for a long time to come.

me and myself: definately!


Kadalabal said...

I appreciate ur decision please do implement it. I am a person who speaks with high tone even though initial discusssion starts with low pitch during conversation it gets up and I feel u better cultivate this now and it is always better is u speak with low tone. I feel sometimes people will think wrongly that I have hurt them and their sentiments but in reality it is not so my usual pitch is high only those who deal regularly knows.
for u a long way to go and if u can change it is for better all the best

parijata said...

I am also prone to talking loudly. But almost everybody at my in-laws' is loud, so I am the soft-spoken one there!

The other day, my husband and his cousin were just talking to each other. And on the road outside, people were trying to peep in, to see if there was a fight going on! That was really funny! :D

The 'Ekaangi' said...
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The 'Ekaangi' said...

its fine to tone down yer voice a little bit ... its good manners to talk softly ... but dont try too hard ... if U try to become a person U R not ... believe me, U wont be happy

vaneecha said...

I too talk a loudly sometimes. I have observed that if a teacher talks softly and firmly children pay more attention.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here....

Let's see how long you will keep up :)

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
it's true that people who speak loudly are thought to be rude.
thanks, i need it :)

i've had similar experiences too. my friends ask to me to shut my mouth, it can get embaressing sometimes.

i told i won't cut down on my talking alva? :D
u don't want to call for help..

i have experienced that too. i then repent for being stern :(

i'm trying hard. i really am. my friends make me break this rule often ;)

Srik said...

huttu guNa suTrooo hogalla :-)

Still, all the very best!

mouna said...

ya right!! i'm working sincerely towards it.

class nalli full time betting happens in this regard :D