Tuesday, January 15, 2008

illusive voids

This is the rule in life. Everybody, is invariably effected by this.

Something is always missing from our lives. Something that completes a circle; that which makes life a bed of roses, as per the adage.

I was wondering on the same thing. There is always a void that cannot be filled. This is my conclusion after my interaction with the small number of people that i come across. Though, some people seem gay all the time, there is hidden incompleteness within them(my opinion).

Perhaps, that makes us treasure those few gifts that are bestowed upon us by Providence. We try to seek happiness with whatever is given to us. We are supposed to think in that manner, in the least.

As for the those things that are always illusive. The more we think about it, the longer the list gets.

Happy Sankranti!!


Kadalabal said...

no man is complete certainly there is something missing in everyones life.
some one will express others will cover it up. according to me there is no perfect man or there are 100% correct solutions for every problem. each problem can be resolved in our own way.
good food for thought mouna and I appreciate your views on this at the end we should pick all good ones and make it a near complete.
life is short make it sweet
happy sankranthi to all

The 'Ekaangi' said...

yeah ... like right now i miss a wife ... but the day i get married, i miss my bachelor's life !!

But on a serious note ... its really true what U say ... read this sayin somewhr ... "i was crying that i had no shoes until i met a man on the street with no feet"
Its so meaninful aint it ?

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
quite true.

it is. i agree.
so do we start hunting a girl for our dear suhas? ;)