Friday, December 21, 2007

back to blogging...

It's quite a long time since i've posted something. A few people have peeked into these pages, and have reminded me to continue with blogging(this is something that elates me, i mean people actually look for something new). I am overjoyed!!!

Some told me me that my voice was to resound in Mysuru. Well, that is pretty exaggerated(very, if you ask me). I shooed the statement away, initially. Only, to find it true to some extent. My voice is the loudest in my Department(needless to say, i know). But my classmates, and my seniors were astonished! I, now can say that they've adjusted to my tone.

I was happy that a private radio station set up shop in Mysuru. They do an okay job, here in Bengaluru. But believe me, the same station puts up a very shabby performance, every time, i tune in. And everything goes mum after about 10:30/11 in the night. I'm used to some background noise while i'm up working in the dark. Can anyone tell those responsible this?

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