Sunday, August 05, 2007

N had come down from the US last year. That particular day is so fresh in my mind. When i went to meet her. I had just finished my exams then, and zoomed to her house. That was the last day of her stay, and i wanted to meet her atleast, once.

After spending an hour or so chatting with her, i stood at the doorstep. As i was strapping on my floaters, N asked me this question, 'Mo, how many friends do you have?' 'About 3-4, why?' 'How many are really close to you?' 'Maybe, one or two...' was my answer. I felt the conversation to be strange. Why would N want to know about my group of friends?

A few days later. When talking to M, i was asked the same question. 'What's with those two? Both were asking the same question...' thought i.

Time passed, and i realised the weight that the question carried. Realisation hit me during the last semester in college. That was one of the best times that i've ever had till now. Hope good times are in the future too. Inshallah!

According to me, that one is blessed, who has friends. For a friends listens, cares, laughs when you laugh, and empathizes when you are sad. You un(/knowingly) shed your burdens on that person. And, i think this is true. The heart is indeed light, after one has shared her/his thoughts.

M has wonderful friends. Earlier, I used to envy her in this regard. I've grown up considering books to be my friends' forever. Little did i notice that a book shares it's views with me. At the same time, i needed somebody with whom i could be myself, to argue, to smile, to laugh.... When M got married, i was comforted with the fact that i could approach her friends anytime and everytime. I used to call, visit C, R whenever i felt bored. They made it a point to wish me before exams... enquired about the latest movies that i had seen...and the scores that i obtained in a particular test, my further studies... They still do.

One of my friends, A has left to another town to pursue further studies. We met once, before she left. Her mother requested us to contact her, whenever we remembered A. I shall speak to A's mother. The joy that lights up one her face when one of us talks to her will definately be memorable. My parents' face, and mine too, glows with the same happiness when C or R's mother phones us. I so want to. The content feeling is immeasurable.

I am lucky. I've got a bunch of friends, who are dear to me.

Happy friendship day!


Priya said...

happy friendship day to you...well..we were a bunch of 10-12 friends...all of us have got seperated because of different career paths..but the one thing that we all do whenever we visit B or during festivals, we make sure that we call up each other's parents and talk to them...and remember the good old days they say, memories that is so dear to us and them :)

Anonymous said...

this saying is very true...though we can tell we have many friends ..the actual number is very less than whom we consider as them...we used to spend time with a dozen ppl chatting...eating etc..but sharing the feelings ..was maybe with 1 or 2...and i would never loose them..
Happy friendships day mouna...

manu said...

hmm friendship day..... same to you mouna, well never got a chance to express something like this to someone.
one friend of mine once told me, "It's good to have friends in your life, but how you achieve and maintain those friends, matters the most at the end."

mouna said...

that is so true. i enjoy speaking to M's friends. it's comforting.

that's always the case.

your friend meant things well. it holds good for all of us, i guess. i'm glad that u could wish somebody on this occasion :)

Prasanna Sastry said...

As long as one is in school,college that is where the true friendship has a meaning. Once you get into a professional life what you face is just a professional friend and not a true one. Even though that person might be moving with you closely still the professional rivalry stays and for everything thing the TAG professional needs to be thought of and it wont be like what u say N or M or S freely.

mouna said...

i was wondering about the same thing :)

is it so difficult to oversee a person as a colleague and see her/him as a friend? to not think about competition... i don't know.. perhaps, the same exists in childhood as well, when a friend gets higher scores than oneself.

minugutaare said...

tumba chennaagideri nim baraha. Yako nanna gata kaalada nenapu bantu.

mouna said...

howdenu? aa nenapu santhoshavannu huTTisidare, i'm happy :)

minugutaare said...

nanna blognallirodu kannada patrikeyalli prakatavaada nanna barahagalu. so hesaru bhina bhinnavaagide.

mouna said...

that is superb! :)

yaava patrike antha nimma bloginalli mention maaDidre, odugarige anukoolavaguttadde. idu nanna anisike ashte.