Monday, August 13, 2007

I'd been to school today. After four long years. As i parked my bike in the parking lot, i felt high levels of adrenaline. I've spent eleven long years in that school.

I walked towards the adminstrative block. I finished my work at the office, and pondered whether to visit my teachers.

I could feel a smile playing on my face, as i walked into the staff room. My teachers were sitting there. They beckoned me inside. There were quite a few of them. Thankfully they remembered me(how could they forget me?!). New faces dotted the scene. This particular teacher came in, and stood before me. I forget her name(thus Mrs. X). I could have asked the others'. But she didn't budge from the place, and i conveniently dropped the idea. The face looked familiar. I continued talking with my teachers. M was being enquired about. And i was doling out information.

Mrs. X said, 'Aren't you Mouna? I replied, 'Yes. I'm surprised that you remember me well.' 'Of course, how can i forget you?! You used to talk the most in class.' What else could i have given but a sheepish grin. The other teachers who were quiet till then, also supported Mrs. X.

Poor me!!


December Stud said...

LOL...and you don't remember Mrs.X, huh?

Pretty much same story here...everything including "How could they forget me?"

It is still a thrill to go and visit them whenever I go back home.

Priya said...

It is a different story with mother used to be my class all the teachers knew me quite that was a nice and different experience.. :)

Bit Hawk said...

Hmm, I have not been to school in a long long time. I am not sure what my teachers think of me. Most of them will not be aware of my existence becos we belonged to the "talkative-without-getting-noticed" types!

Srik said...

Its not poor you, its poor them.

After all these years they got to realise that their 11 years of trying hard did not mould you in to what they wished for. You opened your mouth and she recognised who you are!!

Poor them!! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey thats a fun thing to do..i have not been to my school since a long is kind of exciting and confusion as to whether they remember us..good for u...your not forgotten...

mouna said...

if i'm right Mrs. X taught us in middle school for a year. she then left her job. i remember speaking to her once or twice, after that.

i'm sad that i couldn't recollect her name :(

i'm sure that was. i bet they would have had good opinions about you :)

bit hawk,
'your types'!! there have been many incidences when i've victimised for no fault of mine. even a small whisper from some end of the class, and the first person to be pulled up is me. while, i am quiet, and am not aware of what's happening around me.

this certainly is not fair!!

they have indeed moulded me into a good person. keluvu huTTa guNagaLu uLkoLutve, adannu aLisodu kashTa.

fogotten or not, the reason behind that carries more weight.

The 'Ekaangi' said...

uff ... no matter hw much u defend yourself ... am sure u wud've troubled your teachers a lot ... being the talkative one !!
I have a bad experience of goin back to school ... the watchman did not let me in ... although i told him i'm an ex-student and wanted to meet my teachers, he was stubborn sayin he has orders not to let any outsiders inside ... unless they have some official work ... i was really hurt, but i couldn't blame him

mouna said...

sad, really! did u try going to your school again.. u should have fibbed. it would surely have helped u! ;)