Monday, August 20, 2007

aborigines of the Andamans

I was introduced to the pitiable state of the tribes on the Andamans, quite some time ago. The same topic was dealt with at a seminar at the planetarium.

They are four/five known indigenous tribes in the Andamans. Said to be the first settlers in the Indian sub-continent, they associate us to our past. Scientists estimate that they've travelled from Africa fifty/sixty thousand years back.

The population of an important tribe(the great andamanese) is a mere twenty or so. There are high possibilities of them going extinct in a few years. A pity, really. A very crucial link is lost if this happens. It will be very tough to trace our lineage, or perhaps, even to foretell our lines of evolution.

This can be stopped. I last heard that the Indian Government are taking stringent steps in this regard(?). I hope that they survive. Into the future. A struggle, for our betterment.


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December Stud said...

Quite a sensitive subject and very unfortunate....We destroy brethren, oh so regularly....

And on a different note...what's up with inshallah in yoru posts? Quite out of the blue...and very distracting...(did I say irritating?)...sorry, had to say that ;)

Bit Hawk said...

One more sorry from me...agree with December Stud...probably you love the word "Inshallah" so much, that you are overusing it a bit too much!

Srik said...

Yes, in our struggle to live in present, what we are losing is our glorious past which has direct implications on our future. The first Indian tribe is gone, and with them the link to our roots is gone. We might have to start from scratch some day further down. Unfortunate!

I'm repeating what i said on my blog, coz it is appropriate!

Srik said...

Have you read Karvalo? Its an amazing story of finding the roots of our civilization, history of earth thru a wild creature, a flying lizard!
If you have not read it, you have to do it as soon as possible.
Man thinks there is time to think about things, but he realises he didnt think about it, only when he has lost them all.

mouna said...

for two reasons. one; i like the word. two, i'm reminded of the wonderful time that i've spent with my friends.

is it ok if i call u this way?
u are correct, perhaps. i'll regulate my usage of this word, henceforth :)
btw, thanks!

The 'Ekaangi' said...

andaman ??? hw many ppl really know abt the place ... and the people who live there ... except fr the knowledge tht its a part of india, nothin is really known abt the place,so its good U happened to write abt it ...
It feels like only Kashmir is given utmost importance ... whereas there are plenty more states needin a lot of attention...

December Stud said...


I ahev read Caravlho...Tejaswi is one of my all tiemfavorites. But, honestly, I thought Carvalho was way too boring :)

Inshallah (now that's my new signature ofr comments on this blog) :)

Bit Hawk said...

"Bit Hawk" is just an alias I settled for. I was thinking of a good name for an alias and I said "bitthaku" when I could not zero in a particular name. And then I changed it to "Bit Hawk" as it sounded cool to me!
You can definitely call me 'Vasuki'. Thats my actual name and I love it too :)

mouna said...

same here, i found carvalo boring. when i read the first few pages, it was typical tejaswi style, aadre it somewhere loses track in the middle.

perhaps, u are right. other states alos housl recieve attention along with kashmir. (remember your deal!)

lols, welcome to the gang!! :D

thanks! and 'bitthaku' to bit hawk, nice.