Friday, August 10, 2007


Restrictions, rules are not present in the vocabulary of a child. Especially when the kid is robust and energitic. It's better to yield to the demands(suitable ones that is) of the child and witness the joy portrayed on it's face.

Years go by. We begin to dream and wish for all the oh so! wonderful things that we fancy. Despite the factualities and the practicalities that bind that dream. We proceed on with the act of dreaming, building castles in the air. As adulthood dawns, we rubbish those ideas, putting them into oblivion. Or sometimes, on persuasion we do realise those dreams. Chances are there that we cannot make them come true. But, they were the nuances of a growing mind, which goes on. Boundaries are invisible.

How can a child be explained this?

I too had a dream of this sort. To read all the books in this world. When i reflect on this particular one, i term it naive. And the fact that it can never can be realised stares at me. I'm not disheartened in the least. It's a vast one, i agree. For i still read my favourite authors and their works. Some of which have seen more than twenty glances if not more. And we explore, don't we? Developing likes and dislikes in the process.

I'm fortunate that a part of my elaborate dream has and will be realised. For all the material i've read. For all the literature that is to come across my path.


manu said...

well Dreams are interesting from 2 perspective,
It allows you to think of things which you can sometime achieve.
and gives freedom to your mind to wander in unknown territories where your physical presence is not possible.
In fact dreams are blueprints to yours tomorrow's success.

Rads said...

This is so true! The amount of things I dreamt of doing when I was little...!!
As you grow up, the lenses through which you see the world turn from rosy-dreamlike to a practical-gray. But, realising even a part of a childhood dream, as you said, is fortunate indeed!

mouna said...

true. blueprints to a success tomorrow, perhaps so. but it does cross over seeming real-time boundaries.

childhood is a dream-world. practicalites bind us later as time passes.

nice to see u here! :)

Priya said...

ah..dreams...for me dreams are unlimited... :)

Srik said...

World shrinks as we grow up, I guess!! Very nicely put across.

mouna said...

the dreamer!! :D

yes, as the stark realities are made known to us and when we realise them.

The 'Ekaangi' said...

Very nice post...really loved it !!
I was yet another person like u wantin to read all the books in the world ... but it wud really get me down knowin tht i never could...but i still go on reading...exploring as you rightly put it...and it makes me happy again

mouna said...

isn't it so.. the happiness is more important.