Friday, August 17, 2007

appreciating emotions

Emotions come to us easily. They change too. Within minutes, or maybe seconds too. We portray them in a variety of ways. Depending on our hormones, our moods... At times, i'm happy, the next moment-saddened by a particular event. Or feeling bored because there's nothing to do. Or when i'm in no mood to do anything.

Why do we always tag the word with something sad? We don't use it when we are high on happiness(my opinion).

Being emotional often signifies a person who is weepy, somebody who sheds tears at the mention of a disturbing tale. This is quite incomplete. Nobody would like themselves to be called emotional, with respect to my above sentence.

All of us are emotional. There are no qualms attached to being called sentimental for that matter. I guess we should accept melancholy in the same manner by which we take in happiness. If a beaming face depicts joy(which is an emotion in itself), a grief-stricken look also showcases emotion. It's just that there is some difference in both of them.

Emotions\sentiments are necessary. It's an integral part of our being, our mind. Without which, we could have never loved our dear ones the way we do. We could have never shared our moments of bliss or that of gloom.

There couldn't have been an iota of satisfaction if it were so. Our world wouldn't have been exciting or enjoyable as we expect it to be.

Emotions requires some amount of appreciation in it's direction. It certainly does.


December Stud said...

..and here's my kudos as well....

The 'Ekaangi' said...

evry animal shws emotions in some kinda way ... but we are able to only decipher human emotions. I think U kud also hv touched upon the emotions of a little baby. I realised it only whn I saw my nephew ... they show some many emotions ... and it changes so fast ... a crying baby immediately bursts into laughter the moment U lift it high up in the air ... fr a little baby, who doesn yet know hw to speak ... emotions r the only way of correspondence

Bit Hawk said...

Nice topic! Well, this is what I feel. Emotion means "A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort". I think the reason why 'emotion' is associated with sadness, gloom, misery etc. is because the time any person is 'extremely happy' is very less and also extreme (externally-displayed) happiness fades very fast, but the duration of sadness is comparatively long (and I believe the frequency is more too) I am not taking into account the "Neither-happy-nor-sad" state or the state of "bliss" when you are content, but not jumping with joy (a person who spends the maximum time in such a state is often called unemotional, though I would call them boring :D)

And even the persons who call themselves as 'emotional' more often than not, would mean that if you raise your voice by half a decibel, they would cry. And not that a Peter Sellers movie makes them keep that smiling face for a week!

Kadalabal said...

emotions come on its own and it will be different with different people.
some will show some will hide (that is their way of life)
good post and emotions are part of life


mouna said...

it deserves more than what it recieves :)

i think we can explain the emotions portrayed by other animals too. emotions are common between various classes of animals. they don't have any boundaries.

and yes, infants communicate via emotions. perhaps, that's the only way by which they correspond with others'.

bit hawk,
the period of melancholy is pretty long, me thinks too. we crib for everything and anything. thus, we are sad. naturally.

boring yes :D
one needs sentiment. as u say, 'emotional', again on the sad side.

pranesh sir,
each one of us exhibit different levels of emotions. one cannot really say that another is totally emotionless. that's a big lie.

neela said...

nicely written
emotions are the spice and flavour of our lives..

mouna said...

absolutely! :)