Friday, July 20, 2007

I have a small blue book. My precious, where my friends' lines are preserved for me. It's been just a month since i finished my exams and i've already read it ten times or more. The reading experience makes me relive those wonderful moments spent in their company.

Amongst the various sentences written, many adjectives(nice ones) have been used. Describing me. I have the deep feeling that people actually mean what they've said. For S always tells me that i'm famous in class, for whoever the person i am, or for whatever the characters that i possess. I shrugged at it. Almost everytime.

Nowadays, i've started believing in S's statement. There have been times, when M and a few others wanted to hug me just for the fun of it, or when J told me that she'd missed me on the day when i had absented myself from classes. Or when V complains that i've not spoken to her that day. 'I' thanking me for being the motivator that i am.

A smile is present when i scan the pages which inform me of myself, my thoughts, my attitude towards whatever it may be. Invariably. These words surprise me. It gets me into thinking. Is this true, am i really not aware of myself and the 'qualities' that i hold?

This is what S tells me, time and again.

What makes one term another nice, good, wonderful, amazing....? I think, in the usage of these words, we tend to go beyond the literary meaning. Or is my reasoning wrong, as we recognise and appreciate these based on what they mean, and what we are supposed to make sense of it(literally)?

Perhaps, i'm digging at something flimsy. I don't know...

PS: Me and Myself. Totally!


December Stud said...

Yes, you and yourself, totally....LOL

But, you deserve it...all of us do....

Priya said...

oh i remember the scrap book (thats wat it was called then), we all wrote at the end of college, i still have it ..and every time i read the adjectives, i remember the times spent and a smile is there on my face..those times... :)

mouna said...

i'm not sure of this, i don't think so...hmmm...

yes, those times *sigh*