Tuesday, May 15, 2007

gaining ground

Surprisingly the system belongs to the mind. If the mind is pleased with some idea(good or bad), the system plays along with the latter, to an extent that it can be quite disastrous.

I remember reading this particular short story(Barin Bhowmik's ailment) by Satyajit Ray. The story revolves around this person. He experiences a slight pain in this back(i'm not sure). His mind develops the small pain to something really big. Finally, the protagonist comes to the conclusion that his death is not far off. Though, he is not afflicted with any ailment. It's his mind that's wreaking havoc. A concerted response from all the body systems.

Prepostorous, yet realistic.

The same happens in our environment too. Of course without our knowledge. Or because we fail to acknowledge it.

A similar event happened at home sometime back.

Mother was of the opinion that she was weak. Well she is a little anaemic. Apart from that, she is hale and hearty. This particular thought found ground in her. Father and i had to eliminate this 'pest' from her head. We used all tactics possible, spoke to her in a polite manner... asked to her eat a little more.....yelled at her(one can obviously guess the person behind this)... requested her to reduce the work at home... to no avail.

Later, mother was taken to a doctor. The doctor drove home the point that it was the thought that was eating her body than any physical illness.

Eventually, mother did come out of her belief.

Thank heavens!! Were we relieved!!


Anonymous said...

hey....I totally agree on this matter..infact this thought is applicable in all matters..be it in studies or health or life...if we get the idea of a subject being tough...it would stay so...and the mind can never come up with ideas to tackle the problem...over coming such hurdles makes us realise...we are the cause for the problems to grow...and it is we who has to control the mind...good article...very interesting topic to discuss....

manu said...

Mind alone is responsible for the grief and happiness we experience.

December Stud said...

Absolutely true....and so close home!!!

I pretty much went through this, the last 4 months. Any small pain, a swelling, a lil bleeding, tiredness, any or every symptom, I would start linking it to some "dreaded" disease that I know (you can imagine what the dreaded disease would be). Based on my impeccable medical knowledge from watching movies and reading books, I would come to conclusion that such and such symptom is for such and such disease. And, i was pre-occupied with this all the time. Infact, I probably wasn't far off from looking for a new symptom everyday.

Mind is such a strong thing. It dictates what we do, day in and day out. For me, the grief and a lot of personal problems probably led to what I wen through. At least, that's what most of the doctors (all my family and friends) agree. But, what is amazing is that this happened without my knowledge. I just sank into such a state.

I have gotten over most of it and I am very happy for that.

I was watching a TV serial two days back where in a lady has a "dreaded" disease, and I suddenly started looking for symptoms, and started linking all the different symptoms which I have (you know, the normal stuff which anyone has) with different diseases. Honestly, I laugh it off now, but when it happens, it really hits you hard.

It finally boils down to your will power. I have "almost" come out of this (not completely, since I had one bout just two days back,a s I said, and am still recobvering from that). It's just the mind and once we realize that, nothing can stop us from being back to normal again.

Thanks for the post mouna, this is so damn close to me, unfortunately. It helped me vent my feelings out, so I am more relaxed now and who knws your one post probably will be a catalyst for complete recobvery, I have a feeling :)

Srik said...

Probably thats the reason behind Vedantis arguing for "Keeping one's mind under control and balanced"!!
Mind is such a phinominal thing that takes everything of one for granted and takes him under its control. If it feels good, one can achieve laurels, else it thrashes him to the gutter.

Will Power is another name to this capabality of thinking positive, and emiting positive vibrations around.

Gr8 thoughtful post SK.

DS, I wish you a speedy recovery from everything bad that u r in.

mouna said...

very precise!! regarding studies, yes, terming a particular subeject as 'hated' will simply make the situation much worse.

yes, the mind should be controlled, but it's difficult.

know what: i'm so very glad this post helped u vent out your feelings, it lightens the heart. i consider it fortunate for 'heaven knows why', i wrote this post. isn't that a nice thing? :)

as for your 'bouts', i too have them, once in a while. it's kind of useful, though there is the entire rigmarole of going to the diagnostic centre to get a test done, at the end, i'm relieved!!

is there anything else that i can wish for? to relieve a friend of those grim, disturbing moments... i'm blessed :)

i'm sure you'll come out of whatever little is eating into you...

definately, if the will power can direct the mind into the right direction, it's better we adapt it.
it's easy as well as tricky :)