Monday, April 09, 2007

shades of blue

Blue is a pleasant colour. It adds beauty to anything mundane.

Various shades of blue play in front of my eyes. They reminds me of the bounty that surrounds us. A wide sky attains varied tones of the colour.

A cascade of colours takes place before us. From a blue tinged with yellow in the morning.... an empowering blue in the afternoon... to a blue merged with purple, orange, pink during sunset. And a deep turquoise that surrounds me when the cloud is heavy with clouds.

At one point of time, i was so obsessed with the colour; blue, all my paintings had to have blue in it. Even when using MS-Paint at home, i give blue a prominent position. One might shrug it off, but i'm simply bewitched by it.

Being a primary colour, it plays a very important role. Cyan, a mixture of green and blue, yellow and blue gives red. Again, assorted hues of the same can be obtained, by adding more or less of white or black. And the thickness and the thiness of the colour, can be easily determined by adding water. Aqua-blue, ultramarine blue, indigo, prussian blue, persian blue, were some of the colours that i used regularly.

Speaking of water, the colour blue indicates water. Ranging from raindrops, to the aqua green of the seas.

Blue is freshness, calmness, beauty, happiness all encompassed into one.


Anonymous said...

Ohh!!!....i so love blue..its very true..the blue color of flowing water light gives a serene and calm mind..and can be vibrant with patches of black clouds and thundering..

at times...i have bought clothes of just shades of blue...and later realised i dont have much with other colours...maybe coz everyting looks good with blue...

anand balaji said...

I prefer to be... Forever Blue!

mouna said...

or probably the colour blue suits you the most ;)

eternally, for all time to come? :)

anand balaji said...

Hehehe... was born under the Saturnine influence... so that means I'll be Blue, forever and a day:)

balar said...

Great i assume your favorite color is blue..:)

quote says Blue is the male principle, stern and spiritual.:)
BTW, my favorite color is Blue ..:)

Thanks for your wishes Mouna.

mouna said...

the influence of saturn, huh? believe in something else(good), and perhaps saturn will stop making you feel 'blue'!!

no, blue is not my favourite colour! i guess what u say hold good when blue takes on different shades. a dark blue sky for a stern character, a pleasant blue for spirituality, what say?

anand balaji said...

Thus the stars have destined...
Does the fault lie in the stars or is it that I am an underling?

mouna said...

stars or no stars, it is we who decide whether it is ok for us to feel blue or not...

mouna said...
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