Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The favourite spot in my room, in the last month had been a rocking chair. Father had got it out of sheer interest about five years ago. He later decided that he didn't use it much and thus shifted it to an empty room, located upstairs.

Exams appeared, along with the rocking chair. He brought it down, so that it provide relief to my neck. A pain which developed due to the continuous strain of the muscles of the neck. And the best part is, that it worked.

Made of rosewood, the chair glints with a cherry-red tinge when sunlight falls on it. It does not have any work on it, but is big, heavy and roomy. Adjusting cushions in a variety of ways to provide my back the comfortable feeling. Turning this way and that, placing one cushion against an arm, another against the backrest, i've maneuvered lot, much to the chagrin of mother. She often complained that my room had shrunk, after the chair took a postion. True, the chair had to be moved frequently, in order to keep a wardrobe open. Mother and me have fought many a fight in this regard, with me winning most of the time, solely, because of my exams. I refused to budge from the chair. She used to threaten that the chair would be shifted after my exams were over.

It's not difficult for one to guess the present whereabouts of the chair. Yes, my room has lost it's precious. Not for a long time, i hope.

Sitting on the chair, i've watched the sky turn pale-orange, while the sun set, listened to music, read novels, or simply, swayed to the tunes of silence. Seated on the chair, facing an open window, i've enjoyed many sunrises, the rays filling my room with freshness and warmth... a flock of birds squeaking about in terror, when chased by an eagle.... coconut fronds dancing with the breeze.

I still can picture myself with a book in my hands, moving to and fro, pushing the cool floor, so as to keep the motions of the chair, constant through time and space.


Prashanth M said...

Best thing to do when you have nothing to do on an evening is to read your favourite novel sitting on a rocking chair and occasionally gazing at the setting sun :)

I would love to do that

Srik said...

Hope ur next exams arrive soon. Thats what u want too rite?


As Prashanth and you both agree, rocking chair + fav. novel makes a great combo with pale-orangish SUN in the background.

mouna said...

me too, such a pleasant thought. and a cup of hot tea or milk accompanying that. super stuff!

NO, i can wait for some more time before the next exams appear. The idea of a setting sun, and those pretty colours lighting uo the sky, awesome!

Anonymous said...

An unusual topic to write about...a chair and so many features associated with of all would be swaying in silence and watching the sun change its colour...perfect picture for the mind to begin a warm was pleasant reading this post....

Anonymous said...

a dumb post
what do you think you are
this is a dead woman's blog
get a life
no pictures here nothing is interesting

mouna said...

dear anon,
u say something interesting in the first comment and u 'shhooo' me off in the second? humph!!

any topic may sound unusal or out of place, it depends on how we put it. or how we connect or acclimatise with things. and u talk of pleasantness, and peace of mind...

the second is absurd, totally. 'a dead woman's blog' that is often visited by you. u could put in a more polite manner right?

pics need not neccassarily make things interesting. it's how we imagine, and the creativity that is involved in that that makes it fun. where is your innovativeness, i associated u with it.... :(

Shiv said...

Rocking Chair & Mouna..
After exams, looks like you are in retirement mood :-)

Oh..I agree with you to sit & relax wid novel,coffee on a rocking chair.But Hot chocolate for me !

mouna said...

retirement mood, no chance at all, back to coll. tea for me!!