Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hope and positiveness.

Both words almost mean the same. I guess, one tags the other. The question, being which tags what?

Hope is to look at things in a positive manner, trying to believe that our trust and belief in something hold good. Hence, does a positive outlook follow hope, in it's usage, it's literary sense?

Having a positive outlook towards things. Attempting to make us to believe that everything occurs in our favour. It neccesarily does not define so. A positive side also emphasises on the how we approach, accept, digest things.... whether they please us or not. Will the same pack enough courage in us, in order to face one disapointment after another. Or is it, in vain?

Hope and trust? Do they have something in common. Hope surfaces from trust, a strong feeling, that one may or may not realise. It is something which is soothing, when one is in despair, when one wishes otherwise. I also feel that hope requires some input. To make us worthy of it.

Which among them is apt, when one experiences setbacks, in continuous fashion. About the nature of setbacks, does it matter?


december Stud said...

As you say, Hope and Positiveness go hand-in-hand. Indeed the latetr encompasses a wide variety of things including the ability to foght the odds.

One drives the other. You hope because you are positive and you are positive because you are hopeful.

Quite similar to being opinionated and judgmental, ain't it ? ;)

Shiv said...

Aren't they are like two faces of a coin? As Dec Stud said, they will go hand-in hand.

Why this hope and +ve talks now? Is ur exam results are near :-D

mouna said...

guess so, nija anisutte.

on the other hand, it is pretty different form being opinionated or being judgemental. both occupy two different levels. as i said earlier opinions lead to judgements. the variation in these two words, is much more than what is between hope and positiveness.

lols, illa, results bagge chinte illa, i was a tad dissapointed for another reason, and this article was posted during that time. anyways thanks a lot!