Thursday, November 23, 2006

a much trodden road

Passing Richmond Road, Hosur Road, and now, Race Course Road, makes the heart lighter. Having spent eleven years, two years, three years (the last will be completed next year) travelling to and fro, from house to the place of study. The only thing that changed was that, the place of study. Or is it something else? As i seeked educational institutions, which made me the person i am, my habits, my nuances......

As i travel on these familiar paths, they seem strange to me. Making me realise the garishness, alienating me from the surroundings.

School, which lies on Richmond Road, where i spent eleven long years. Walking home with a friend. A friend who was always replaced by another. With stories, ideas, views..... exchanged. Precious moments never seem to disappear from my mind.

College, located near Dairy Circle, provided a green, enchanting environment. Pushing everybody into oblivion. Being part of college, being reduced to a register number. However, i never felt any attachment towards Christ College. Pushed, into someplace, when i was still clasping the protective, innocent feeling of school.

Changes have always and will occur through out the length of time. I see vehicles buzzing beside me on these roads. Roads, which i knew like the back of my palm. They don't seem the same. Towering buildings, with mirrors in the front, a few having cropped up since i last visited the place. One-ways, which aim to make sense of the increasing reckless driving. Fly-overs making an appearance, just before my turn to become foreign to the place.

Trying to connect is a futile process. One which has no gains, or happiness, attached to it. As i search for sources, which prove to be new.

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