Friday, October 13, 2006

I have written on stories, based on the indian way of life. The stories which exude awe, that which mirrors the lives of ordinary people, just like your's and mine.

Chandana, the kannada limb of Doordarshan, has been forcasting, short movies based on short stories penned in the local tongue. It is a delight to watch characters live on screen, trying to emote, the thoughts of the writer.

Though this approach is wonderful, the actors sometimes fail to put a good performance, making the entire concept rather foolish. Others have been enjoyed by the entire family at home.

I try to complete my work, by 8 o' clock on sunday nights, sit in front of the television set, calling out to mother, asking her to join me.

Sundays, talk about a different story, by a different author. While, one highlights the lifestyle of a roadside cobbler, another describes a lecturer's long-forgotten love.

I hope that this series does continue, for Chandana is famous for ending their programmes vey abruptly.


Suhas said...

it feels nice to know tht what i least like watchin is somethin that interests u ... I don't find stories of cobblers interesting ... I rather enjoy a comedy of errors of some bloody rich yet stupid heroes ... I don't feel like giving meanings to paintings which more seem like a mess to me ... and I don't see the world as this beautiful place filled with beautiful people ... but everyone are so different from one another ... and I'm happy at our contrasting characters ... and one more thing ... little people know this ... Chandana is the channel that has made the most profit for Doordarshan compared to any other DD channel ... and some lovely programmes come on Chandana

shakri said...

I have always enjoyed such mini series as and when they were shown on good old DD. This one too sounds like a nice series.

I wish I could see it too. Enjoy!

mouna said...

thanks shakri,

good series yes, buut the caharacters seem lifeless most of the times, and the story cannot be depicted well.