Saturday, October 28, 2006


Communication skills, grades man, higher than a beast. People tend to forget this fact.

Communicaton throws light on every aspect, almost. If it were not to be so, we would still be hunting, wild beasts, and surviving in the stone age period. It happened, by chance. Lo! It turned out to be the biggest boon to mankind. Speech, being one limb of communication, is the most sought after, and the most profitable too. Imagine, a world, where you are sending me a message, with hands, legs tied-up, eyes closed, with the mouth shut, of course. Impossible, is it not?

Afterall, is communication only limited to speech?

Answering in favour of the above question, can be a general opinion. Atleast, most of us, are brought up to think in that manner. Speech is definately not it. Hand signals, movement of the eyes, limbs, all prove to be means as well. It's just that the most prefferable of them all is speech.

Well, i've spent little time amongst those who are devoid of this facility. But, it does not diminish their qualities, creativeness, in any fashion.

One. During my brief stint at painting, i met this 'handicapped' girl. She also used to attend drawing and painting class. Although, she failed in speech, she painted fabulously. Adept in abstract art, she used to draw beautiful forms of ganeshas, moreover in acrylic medium. As far i know, acrylic is not easy. With, hands shaking incessantly, she used to do a wonderful job.

Two. Children(it's quite inappropriate and uncomparable). Off-late, children, and their ways have fascinated me. Luck has favoured me with an oppurtunity of spending valuable time with kids. The kid, in concern is of one and a half year. Obviously, she poses to be a handful. And her communication skills are simply great. Baby-talk is obviously incomprehensible, and the same time, it makes sense. The motions of the hand, the fluctuating banter, etc, can be understood.

At times, i am required to remain silent, as the muscles of my jaws hurt after having spoken for a length of time, or after having laughed continuously. I guess, i should revert back to signalling of the hand, untill, probably, they start to ache.


ganga said...

I don't think communication only limited to speech..and yeah it's a gud example you said it here about the handicapped girl..
Communication relates to writing,speech,painting,music,song...Have you seen Pushpak by Singeetham? It's quite a better example!!
And kids..they're so creative!I've experienced and experiencing those kind of communication from my three yr old kid.. :)
Btw gud to see u on moi blog...keep visiting,Mouna..Ah..well..Mouna aka silence also communicates well at some times..You can find my post,"Sil_Con"..hehe


Vijay said...

What people lack in one facility is made up by being extremely talented in others..

mouna said...

@ ganga, that movie is nice, indeed, and yes, silence does communicate

@ vijay, true, i guess, we should broaden our ways.

thanks for visiting, do return.

Shiv said...


Its been long time since I visited your creations..

As you have pointed out, communication is indeed the biggest boon to mankind.But inspite of all the state of art of communication available, why mankind is still suffering from evils? Why silly things turn out to major blow-outs?

As long as mankind doesnt have some thing between his/her ears,then communication is just a mere term..

By the way,I enjoyed reading the bus story & Don criticism too..

mouna said...

shiv, long time indeed!

man suffering from evils, is due to his inherent nature, i guess any amount of technology can never cure him of it, the evil nature, increases anisutte..

thanks for the appreciation!