Sunday, August 13, 2006

A lot of thought has gone into various issues this week. Especially the past saturday at the bbc(basket-ball court) at college.....with Sindhu and myself drawing Histology diagrams...and Indu trying to listen to music......eventually a debate started on the issue of marriages..... the treament metted out to women by the Hindu society.

Surprisedly....i found one of my lecturers reflecting my views on the above mentioned topics.


Why did the society come up with something known as a marriage?? Because we have undergone evolution to such a large extent...that we unable to think beyond certain things.
As animals do not have suthat we too are animals. I stress a lot on this fact.....we simply cannot forget our origins... our history...our semblances ch existant it necessary that we follow such traditions ourselves...keeping in beasts.

Is marriage really essential for us to lead a short life that is provided to us? Why is it that the soceity looks down upon people who do not have a spouse...moreso...a woman. Getting their progenies married is the most important goal in parents' minds. Another point is that why should a considered married all the time. Even if she is married she is definately wedded to somebody who is elder to her. Trying to find a substantial answer to of no use, as we all used to follow such is obviously difficult to think otherwise. father gave an answer which i catogarise as utter rubbish. It goes like this-women are said to be more mature....with them attaining this quality (if i may put it so...i could'nt think of a suitable word) at a younger age. Thus men require more time to become so...and hence older men marry younger women.

Women......are not provided education....simply because they have to cook in the kitchen. The question of women charging to look after kids..... is obviously met with raised eyebrows......but do we actually realise the amount of time and effort that is sacrificed in performing this holy act.

A paper clipping:

In many homes, the purse strings are in the hands of the wage-earner who can at any moment tell his wife that she is wasting too much time and money, talking to relatives and friends on the phone. That she does not need a new gas stove and will she please repair the old one? And why did she have to buy branded bedsheets when a cheaper set would have cost less?

A large number of women despite being on call 24 hours as wives and mothers, Do not have any money or assets in their name. Since they do not earn, they do not have any spending power at all.

Once the children nourished by them leave the nest, they have nothing to show for all the work they have done. And so the debate whether a woman should be paid for her services to her family rages on. First of all, can her inputs be measured in terms of a monthly salary? And if her contribution to her family is immeasurable, is it fair to deny her even a minimal financial independence? Is it fair to take her services for granted just because she chose to put her family’s needs before her own? And will money validate women who are made to feel worthless just because they are not working outside the home?

Why does this still happen?

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