Sunday, July 16, 2006

The last 8 days has seen me experiencing a different kind of exam...related to Drawing and Painting.

I have been going for classes for 19 months now at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and was qualified to take the exam this year. My teacher, Mrs. Neela a traditional artist....specialised in the Mysore style. My, does she draw well....beautiful forms are her...and the manipulaion that she does is just simply awesome. So far i've have worked on pencil sketches....watercolours....oil paintings(to a minisicule extent) and oil pastels. Each medium has it's own advantages and disadvantages. I like all, except oil paintings, as i have done very little of it.

Talking about classes.....the fun, can go on....but i'll reserve it for another post.

Coming back to the exams....we had two on theory and the other on practicals. The theory paper was extremely easy......which included practical geometry. Thankfully....i remembered my school it turned out to be easy.

Three of us were to take the first year-junior exam.... Sucheta, Pranita and myself. Pranita is still a ma'm, to make it suitable for her.....leaked out both the question papers for us....wholly, leaving me shell-shocked.

Assigning......Karnataka art....still life...nature drawing.....anatomy and still memory drawing to be learnt by us...left me frightened. was not a difficult job........but had to practise at the same time. (My human figures are so bad.....but any way better than the thingies that i used to churn out previously.)

We were confused both the they changed the seating positions. But it turned out fine at the end.

One thing that left me the way the BVB treated a student. This student...i think belongs to the faculty of mridanga.....and he is handicapped. Thus...he could not write the theory. So.....the adminstrator dismissed him from the exam......and poor guy...he could avail himself of a diploma in mridanga. This is unfair treatment in simplest terms. Atleast they should have allowed him to take an oral exam or something of that kind. And BVB recently renovated their entrance to accomodate a wheelchair to slide into the building. This adminstrator talks big....but is nothing inside. A reputed institute like BVB....goes places(they have many branches in India...Bangalore boasts of two branches....and they have one abroad London that is). To add to that...they have tied up with the London University(if my guess is right) to introduce mainstream sanskrit courses.

What can so many branches do...with their various programmes? Unless they start respecting or treating people in a rightful manner....which i think is damn important.


Shiv said...


Waw..finally ur drawing exams are over! Gud to hear that ur theory exams went fine..

Oh! Did they handle an disabled person like that.shame on them..

PS:Just wonderin what wud ur drawin teacher say, if she reads this line !
>to make it suitable for her.....leaked out both the question papers for us....wholly, leaving me shell-shocked

mouna said...

shiv...i've stretched it a li'l.......

The small girl really does not know anything...and for her benefit my teacher told us abt the paper but not in exact terms...she made sure that we knew the answers ...u know in a cunning way.

Not only us, all the other students got treated the same way!!Even the sugama sangetha people had this kind of training!!! My teacher herslf declared that she wants her students to do well in the that she gets a good isn't that WONDERFUL??