Sunday, July 30, 2006

I was reading another short story yesterday that i've got accustomed to sleeping late. 'Mother' is another one among those translated ones present in my omnibus on Indian Writing.

A stifling relationship between a forced-to-be slut and a the subject in concern. The son, who is young.......bears the jibes voiced by his classmates at school..... hates his neighbours, placing an enormous amount of trust and hope in his mother...regarding her as his entire world....trying to believe that she is not what she is......only to realise the the nasty, harsh truth. Not expecting the reality to encompass him suddenly....he is shattered.

Who is to it her late husband who was a hard-core drunkard..... ridden with tuberculosis......the wasting disease resulting in death. Or is it......her degradable youth which drew passion-eyed men towards her. Or is it her longing for a companion to share her temporary life with? To her being exploited by the overseer of the village.....showered with colourful sarees...and a new beginning?

To lose her son while........with the overseer....was expected?? in turn leading a wasteful existance.

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Shiv said...


Very delicate story..
It reminded me of Triveni's 'Hoovu HaNNu', where mother get into dat job for her daughter.She make sure that her daughter doesn't know & even dont know who her mother is.But fate brings them together as neighbours..very touching story.

It was made a movie too..
U read/seen that story?