Sunday, June 11, 2006


Just the other day......we were watching a Kannada programme. It talks about Rajkumar...i think the same still continues as a series. That apart.....Ravi Belegere....mentioned the virtues of the icon. The few things that were said are....that he made people happy by touching the commom man with nimble fingers that sent joy running throuhout the body.....realise their enchanting a person he on. Never mind......i am not fond of his acting........but was spell-bound with the description. Those words cannot be repeated......even if translated to english.....the essence is lost.
The cache: How easily a child can make one happy. It does with it's unassuming.....innocent acts.....which in itself is so fascinating. I personally had no experience with kids for a long time untill recently. And those wonderful instances still pull the corners of my lips apart to end in a smile.
What makes it so easy for a child to create happiness?? ...or rather fill our hearts with joy on sighting a child. On the other hand i heard that happiness and joy can only be experienced by us...... when we provide the oppurtunity. How true!!!
Everything is related to the wonder, the ancient texts stress so much on the mind than the body, and the purity of the former.
Even to this day......i just cannot forget my niece. There have been sporadic moments when the tendency to see her overcomes everything else.....thus ridden the bike have i, at 8 o' clock in the night to visit her. The traffic snarls are nothing compared to my sighting her face.
Why does it happen so??? A kid spreads happiness around her without her knowledge.....with the day's grief forgotten.
Being glad......being happy.....the feeling itself warms the heart. Then why do we go on cribbing endlessly, i guess to satisfy our penchant to moan!!!
I used to go about smiling without no friends termed me as mad....but who long as i smile to lighten my mind.
May the powers-that-be grant me enough sense so as to keep myself happy, with a smile upon my face......the spreading of which is important...... underlining the greatness of humanity.

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Shiv said...

Thata a gud question..why children makes us feel happy?

I guess thatz because whatever involved with children is pure.The smiles, the love, the talks..everything of children is not yet contiminated by other things of this world.

So when something is pure, it makes one feels happy ..