Friday, April 25, 2014

Taking a stroll in Saraswatipuram. Eating from one of the chat gaaDis' there. Walking down the road to SJCE. And eating somewhere near SJCE, especially in the evenings. Followed by a milkshake at Kannan Bakery. Sitting on the front porch of the Dept. of Biochemistry and chatting away - A, J, L and whoever else can make it. Driving across the university on a bike. Catching up with J, A and others with whom i haven't spoken to for years. Eating at Mahesh Prasad. Talking, talking and more talking. A or L dropping me at the Railway Station. Amongst other things.

Two weeks ago, i was invited to a celebration (if i can term it so) at Mysore. Unfortunately, I couldn't go. But i so wished. For a few days, all my thoughts were on Mysore. It's been a few years since i visited it. So now, in between work, i thought, why shouldn't i write about it.

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