Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yes, blogging has taken a backseat. But i hope i can change it in the coming days, really. Weekends, i have been going around in Delhi. I still have much to see and eat here. When i was talking about going to Delhi to M a few months ago, i was concentrating about food so much that i was asked if i were going to Delhi to work or to eat. That plan is still there.

Two weeks ago, i was given a dairy/notepad (haven't opened the paper wrapped around it) and asked to write in there. I was like 'huh, i don't know'. I was told something like writing is more of a job than a hobby to us to which i somewhat agree (i had met a journalist). But then i type, instead of write per say and still put out something written. Eventually, i think i'm doing that.

I am planning to go out this weekend too. Maybe in my next post, i will write about what i think about Delhi. I have some opinions already and want to write them here.

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