Friday, September 06, 2013

I saw Satyagraha the other day. Couldn't see the whole of it as i didn't feel like. Prakash Jha fails again in telling us a good story. I wish that something can turn around  and he starts making good movies again. The themes he picks up are really relevant today, be it naxalism or the awakening of the people as seen in Satyagraha. But loses the plot quite quickly. For once, i liked Amitabh Bachchan in this. But the way he sermons Ajay Devgan when they meet for the first time is a little too much, i would say.

About the others, the less said the better, even Devgan is okish. It's dramatic and a little too glamorous for such a theme. I didn't the reconciliation of Devgan and Bachchan in front of an audience. I see the news too, almost everyday. I've not seen any news reporter in villages wearing make-up as much as Kareena Kapoor wears in the movie. It's not real. Arjun Rampal has a good physique and a great voice, but seriously not much acting skills.

I should see the climax yet.


Anonymous said...

Empty vessels make more noise, mouna huh!

mouna said...

well, that is my name. atleast most of the 'noise' i make here is honest and quite sensible. if you do term it 'noise', what i call 'writing', you do have the option of not reading here. it's just how we term things.