Sunday, September 01, 2013

As i've mentioned somewhere on my blog before, i've actually started seeing movies only after coming here. I used to when in Bangalore, but now, i think i've begun to understand the medium better and appreciate it too. For me, cinema is entertainment, but i'm particular about the kind of entertainment that i watch. A Chennai Express or a Dabbang really does not appeal to me.

I do see movies which are made in the current times, but i also see movies of the last century. One aspect which i think makes today's Indian cinema flimsy is the lack of good character roles. In the older movies, we see an Utpal Dutt, Ashok Kumar or a Dina Pathak who made characters lively. A good movie, i have realised also depends on such characters which lifts it and engages the audience. Yes, we do have capable people doing character roles these days, but not many do a good job.

One person whom i really appreciate is Supriya Pathak. She shines in Wake Up Sid. Again, she's from the 1980s'.

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