Sunday, August 25, 2013

Man is selfish, is greedy for money and power. As i read and try to understand more of the incidents that occur around us, i am compelled to come to this conclusion. This may sound cliched, but when i say 'man', i am also at places referring to the gender here. The fact that man is physically stronger than the woman also gives him the self-proclaimed right of dominance. This in some cases, overcomes the mental strength of a woman.

Selfishness, the lust for money and power does not have any boundaries. These same qualities define man creating illustrations the world over. Be it the war in Syria, the interference of US in the internal affairs of various countries, the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the corporate clout across the world, the corruption in the Communist China or the ongoing Telangana struggle in India. Brotherhood, fraternity and the other words which describe utopia, let alone their meanings, don't hold any water at all.

When people here ask me about the infamous rape in Delhi that occurred in December last year, i so want to tell them that men who want to prove their lust for power and sex are across the world. This one was in Delhi. And yes, the frequency of rapes are higher in India than in some other countries. But that does not mean all fingers point at India. I am not reasoning the incident here, or even suggesting that rapes in any place outside India does not blot us. Man is the same everywhere, some demand more while others don't. The Indian society has not developed, or has not propagated the means to curb man's greed.

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