Saturday, August 31, 2013


One of the reasons for which i can be hanged to death is when i wished to know more Kannadigas when living outside India, simply because it i felt that i can connect with them more.

We love to give ourselves identities, don't we? Based on gender, nationality, well, these are kinda essential in the world we currently live in. But those on creed, caste, the work we do, the languages we speak, that part of the world we come from, our perspectives etc. Of these, the one that intrigues me the most is that based on our religious affiliations.

I had once met a person who thought that all Hindus are strictly vegetarians. And another who was inclined to the view that all Hindus hated Pakistan. If being affiliated to any religion can result in misconstruing a section of the world's population, then i would rather not belong to any (there are other reasons to this). These days, i somehow lean towards this perspective that my way of living is personal to me. With my definition of religion being the lifestyle i lead.

Having said this, the festivities i participate in (the lamps lit during Deepavali) the kind of food i eat, and my name, doesn't it reveal who i am? It's out there for everybody to see. So when i perform some activities which are limited to my religion, which i do enjoy, on what grounds do i say that me belonging to a religion or not doesn't concern a second person? Or, on second thoughts, i think i can say that i want to celebrate Deepavali, because i like to, and not because of any religious reasons. The eating and the wearing fancy clothes bit. It is materialistic, i agree. But, i don't know.

Maybe, i should just call myself agnostic.

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