Wednesday, August 28, 2013

As i rested my head on the pillow, i smelt  the detergent that i had used to wash the pillow cover. I was reminded of the scent of M's clothes, those that arrive with her when she comes from the US.  That and  the pungent scent of coconut oil that i had massaged into my scalp that night contrasted with each other. I was also reminded of freshly laundered lab coats which were whiter and smelt nicer.

The other day, I had ground cardamom seeds to flavour my kesari bhaath the other day and had left it in my room for some time. When i entered my room, i was delighted to be enveloped by the aroma of green cardamom. As i type, a few strands of hair moves to somewhere close to my nostrils and i catch a whiff of the fragrance left behind by my shampoo.

It's raining outside now, and i can smell the freshness that rains usually bring along with them.

P. S. I must have written about the rain and my hair about ten or more times here. I think i'll just stop writing about them, it's boring to have to read about a particular thing multiple times.

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