Monday, July 29, 2013

When i spend a few seconds on some Indian cooking shows (ones in Kannada and English), i'm surprised at the use of cheese, non-indian spices and herbs, grains to name a few. I'm not against this, but them replacing our everyday food, that's not pleasant. And some people give the reason that kids don't like to eat rice or rottis and that they like sandwiches, the likes. I don't understand this - whatever happened to healthy Indian eating habits. To say that a child does not eat chitranna, chapathis and palya, i find it crazy.

We have a whole range of grains, spices, vegetables and fruits that should make our diet. An occasional burger, a pizza and some fries is fine, but not regularly. I don't like McDonalds. A hangout place is not necessarily McDonalds, it can also be a Chalukya or a Upahara Darshini. And what about eating healthy - quinoa, oats? We have millets and other grains which were depopularized for God-knows-why reasons. They are equally wholesome and very nutritious. Why not popularize them again?

This is so not right.

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