Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To those who come here regularly, you would be aware of my views on religion. For those who don't, i am not the person who prays after taking a bath everyday, i don't recollect having touched my parents' feet, don't wear a bindi on festivals at times, my ears are unadorned most times, i don't partake of the prasada if i don't like it, you know, the likes.

I don't know why i tend to ponder a lot  on religion (primarily Hinduism, as i was born one) these days, but i am doing this. Having described myself so, i have to get used to people telling me about all this which is done in most Hindu households. Maybe, i sound arrogant, but that's really not how i want myself to be portrayed here. It's just that we at home don't follow certain practices but the world outside does so it's high time i acknowledged it, or realize that just because i don't, others' also shouldn't. At the same time, there are and they will be a couple of  incidents which makes me raise my eyebrows. I term them 'weird'.

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