Thursday, July 11, 2013

My flatmates and i have had a few discussions on some of our eating habits, and i am sure we will talk on the same on further occasions as well.

One. About vegetarianism. I belong to a meat-eating family, but at home we mostly eat vegetarian food. After coming here, I've eaten different kinds of meat, irrespective of whether i, as a Hindu, have to restrict myself from a particular kind or not.  Having said this, whatever i eat is mostly vegetarian and people from different corners of the world think that any meal is not one if it does not include any meat at all.

Two. Using our fingers to eat. I've had one long conversation with a flatmate of mine on why it is not wrong to do so. I think that Indian food, with the kind of food we have and the spices we use can be eaten and savoured using our hands better than using cutlery. An Italian colleague of mine agreed with me on this, to my delight. I didn't like the tone which a person from Delhi used on me when i ate rice with my fingers. I'm not going into the North-South divide thing, but i think it's better to appreciate one's perspective than to judge it. Another thing, during the days of our parents', they simply didn't have the money to spend on cutlery which were not Indian by nature.

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