Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'll write about movies in this post. I'm tired but i want to do something. Writing about movies to me, doesn't require much energy. Let's see.

Some of my new all-time favourites are:
Shaala (Marathi)

Genesis (Hindi)
Antaheen (Bengali)
Dollar Dreams (English-Telugu)
Kahaani (Hindi)
Athiti (Kannada)

Some of these are old and some are new. I like more and can't recollect them now. I would love to see Nammoora Mandara Hoove again. SPB's Kannada songs - old and new are beautiful to listen to. I want to see Kasaravalli's Kanasemba Kudureyanneri, it looks good from the little that i've seen. And yes, P. Sheshadri's new movies.

This brings me to another related subject. A friend recently asked me the kind of movies that i like. I don't know. I really don't know what fancies me, what does not. Some silly and stupid ones - i like. I can't figure out what good acting is  or it doesn't appeal to me, which kinda makes me a dud. And when i read reviews i wonder where they saw all of it. Yes, i'm ignorant and i can't gather even half (less than that) of what they do.

Switching topics, i'm totally glad that i don't have to title this. It's beyond me.

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