Monday, July 22, 2013

A specific kind of moth seems to be in abundance near my room. Of course, like other moths, it isn't attractive. It's colour is a cross between light brown and grey, atleast that's how i see it. Something like the colour of dried mud. Like the dullness obtained when one paints more than three coats of watercolour paints on top of the other.

Yesterday night, as i was walking across my room doing something which i don't recollect now, my eyes chanced upon the said moth and another insect which i've seen only on coming here. I swept them onto a piece of paper, open my window and put them outside. In the few minutes when i had my window opened, i don't know which other insect (/s) flew into my room from the inky-blueness of the night.


On another note, not at all related to what i have written previously. I don't want to see documentaries (how do i say this) on people, their lifestyles, various systems, around the world produced by BBC, Discovery, Nat Geo, the likes of them. Their movies on animals, plants are, of course, good. Even some on history and the afore-mentioned subjects are ok, a few being good as well.  But, at times, they present a contorted picture which i don't fancy. It all depends on the subject, whether the western world likes it or not and how they want to construe. These days, when i intend to watch documentaries on the environment or people, then i specifically search for movies not made by these organisations. These 'others' are more honest and more importantly, they are not biased, i think.

ps: Random topics, yes. I've decided to write on unrelated themes in the same post. I'm inclined towards this, don't know why.

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