Friday, May 03, 2013

Why is it so bloody difficult for a woman to live alone? More so if she has a kid? Out of a marriage, that's the limit, i guess. I am reseeing Anavarana which is there on YouTube, thanks to the efforts of a kind soul.

If everything is to be looked from a male's perspective, what is the point in looking at it at all. A girl/woman has to dress this way, she shouldn't speak in front of others, moreso if there are men around, not in high tones, the men are served first, they are to be addressed in plural most times, the kid takes the father's name, in a marriage the boy is mostly older than the girl and many other things; i dislike most of it, if not all.

I understand a society is somewhat necessary for us, since we are evolved and all that. But with such a society, i have doubts on it.

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