Monday, May 06, 2013

Of the few places that i've visited in India, i'd like to revisit some. That would be Darjeeling, i don't how commercialized it is now, but when we visited the place, it was the best then. Mumbai, i can't figure out the reason why, i liked this city a lot. After Bengaluru, the other city that i really like in India is this one, there is something fascinating there (i don't remember much of Delhi, maybe if did recollect much of our travel there, then perhaps, i would change my opinion on Mumbai). And some place in the mountains. Of course, the closest one to us are the Western Ghats. I've mentioned this in my earlier posts as well. The magic of the hills is at it's peak during the Monsoons.

Well, there are some places where i've not been, but would love to go there. Dandeli, have heard some amazing stuff of this region. I was jealous of my sister when she went there. Nainital, Mussorie, Dehradun, again hill stations in the Himalayas. A few lesser known areas in the country, don't know where exactly, but yes.

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