Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I am running this song continuously since yesterday night. It was perfect, was reading a friend's blog all over again. I must have read them a couple of times already. But there is this sense of comfort and gladness that i get. Until i forced myself to shut my laptop, do all the things i do before going to sleep and got under my quilt. And waited for me to be enveloped by sleep.

Yes, Sunday nights and Monday mornings are not straight. Late nights during the weekends. Not very late though, i make sure i sleep sometime around eleven or so (which sometimes extends till twelve, sleep always takes some time to come to me). And last night, i was in bed by eleven and i think i slept somewhere around 11:45. And Monday mornings, though the alarm wakes me up, i simply can't wake up to that hour, reset to a later time to wake up feeling kinda awake.

At times, i so want to do late nights on weekends, but i don't. My schedule goes haywire. There are some things i want to do in the morning and i skip them on waking up late, ending up feeling unhappy most times. I don't nap in the afternoons, and if i do, my night sleep goes erratic. And the next morn, i act like a zombie.

I am feeling sleepy now. 

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