Saturday, April 06, 2013

It's seven years since i started here.

Seven years is quite some time. It's cliched, but, things have turned around. I've given myself time. Well, i didn't have any other option. For a few years now, specially after S's passing on, i've hardly spoke openly with people. I miss it, the comfort, the freedom in it, but i think i'm afraid to trust people and time through and through.

I've learnt to accept failures (or atleast i think so). It's ok. But i'm still waiting. I want things i yearn (/ed) for. My views have changed, have been modified. I hope my thinking has broadened to accommodate new kind of ideas.  I still am a cynic, and i so want to shed it off me. I don't know whether i'm an atheist or not, as some part of me wants to believe that i'm spiritual and believe in karma.

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