Sunday, March 03, 2013

I've been writing, but not on my blog. I like to write but since it requires some effort, i can't do it at different places simultaneously. I guess that' the reason why blogging has taken a backseat. And i don't think i have much to say. That's another.

I've been seeing movies, good and bad. I eventually search and choose some no-easy-to-watch ones.I know i can see others, but i can't. Saw 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan' yesterday, and was appalled by watching Khan disposing bombs without a bomb suit on (with his bare fingers, he then puts his sunglasses on with those fingers). If he so wishes to die, he can do so. And Sharma in a two-piece swimsuit in Ladakh. It's fantasizing to a magnanimous extent.

Maybe it's the kind of books i grew up with. Sometimes, when i start to watch one of the art-house ones, i cringe. What should i expect from it? What levels of cruelty, selfishness, patheticalness should i expect? Every religion, school of thought, culture has a horrid past. So we really can't say that ours is better.

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