Friday, March 08, 2013

I'm surprised Chethan Bhagat's stories (or rather story lines) are being adapted into movies. Well, Kai Po Che did turn out quite nice. I liked the characters and the people who have enacted them have done honest jobs. Still, i'm not sure but there's something missing there. The music is what's alluring. It's beautiful. While we are talking about the previous ones based on his books - Hello is thrash. And 3 Idiots, it's ok-ish.

Bhagat is popular and his story telling capacity has grown from book to book. I don't fancy them much. I've not read his latest. I'm quite sure, it wouldn't be great. Well, if movies are being made from novels, it's a good thing, i guess. Some of the good old movies that i've seen are adaptations themselves.

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