Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I prefer relatively short movies. Movies running for about ninety minutes are way easier to watch than those that run to one hundred and twenty minutes or more. It makes even nice movies seem boring in my opinion.

And i realized one thing - good movies, to me should carry a message. And most often, about the struggles of the poor, on women, the likes. This is so damn preachy. As long as movies make us develop a feeling for it is ok, isn't it? It is really not essential for them to stress on something always. This prevents me from appreciating good cinema. With such narrow, limited perceptions in my mind, i can never really understand and like this art form for it's artsiness or simply as a means of good-story telling.

Well, the world celebrated Women's Day last week. Considering that, here are a few women i like of Indian cinema. I understand i'm talking a lot about cinema these days, but it is the form of art that i'm following these days. Here we go: Mamata Shankar, Deepti Naval, Nandita Das, Archana and a few others in today's cinema.

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