Sunday, February 03, 2013

I watched three movies today. The first was Khandhar by Mrinal Sen, Antar Mahal and Khela by Rituparno Ghosh. I'm drawn to Mrinal Sen's movies. The best i've watched of his till date is Genesis. I would say that it's incomparable cinema. Better than Satyajit Ray's movies in my opinion (I also have plans to watch his movies, which may well change my opinion).

Some of the directors that i really appreciate would be Mrinal Sen, Satyajit Ray, Goutam Ghose, Sai Paranjpe and a few people in today's Marathi and Bengali cinema. I've mentioned this before, it's indeed a pity that some movies are without subtitles. I really want to watch them. We do get the gist of the story, but often, the highlights of these movies usually lies in the fine details which can only be understood by people who are fluent in them.

I've stopped wishing for their stores to be written than me seeing them. And i guess it'll be a long time before we have somebody who reaches the levels of Sen.

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