Friday, December 28, 2012

Things before me appear blurred. The eyes want to close. No, i'm not sleepy. I've some holidays and want to make the most of them. I'm sleeping late and yes, waking late as well. Getting back to the subject, there is a sense of comfort with them closed. Especially with cupped palms on them. With music in the background depending on my whim at that moment. When an inky blackness forms everything that makes a sight then.

The outer edges of her eyesight are lined by loose strands of hair. A speck of dust disturbs the right eye. Immediately the right hand goes to my closed eyes, and three fingers rub it ease out the irritation. After a few seconds the particle is felt at a corner, and the eye can again be used.

When at home, i used to apply castor oil on the eyelids after a hard day before going to bed. Waking up the next morning required some effort. The eyelids are really heavy and having them cover the eyes offers more relief than having them open.

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