Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's proper winter here. It's 1°C presently which is kinda ok. And time for a post on snow for this year.
Fresh snow is so wonderful and white. Soft, fragile and melts when touched. All of the surroundings are decked in it. Piles of snow on thin branches on the hedge bordering the parking lot, on the rooftops. One of the best sights that i've seen till date is the gradient of snow on a sloping roof.  From nothing to a few inches of snow on one house.

To walk during snowfall is something else altogether. Of course, sometimes it's better to be indoors than outside. No sound is made. Not even a very very soft 'plop'. I take some care when walking. I don't want to slip on partially melted snow and make a spectacle of myself. Though people don't laugh when one does fall. I guess one falls or must have fallen and hence express some sympathy. I would assume it's needed, a first fall can be embarrassing and when on the ground one would think that everybody is laughing at her/him. Thankfully, that's not the scene.

I like it now. And i know, after a few more days or weeks, i'll get tired of seeing it all around me. And seeing everything around me mostly in black and white and something in between but hardly any colour.

Two more months (or maybe we can add another half) of winter to go. At lunch today, a co-worker and i were talking about spring already. Very far-fetched, i agree.

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