Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's not that i don't like movies that are made in India. Be it in Hindi, Kannada or another Indian language. It's just that they do not appeal to me. They do not make sense to me, the poor acting skills of the people who star in them, the songs, the storylines which are quite the same. I have seen some popular ones and like a few.

After reading Indian stories and having discussed about it, it was difficult for me to see this kind of Indian cinema which forms the major chunk. And i think it was kinda natural for me wanting to see something more real, something that i could connect to. Thanks to providence there has never been a day where we've struggled for food or for other basic necessities. Therefore the 'connection' is only my talk. But i get to hear some of it from my parents when they narrate their growing up years. I goad them to tell me for i would like to understand our world better.

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