Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I don't want to make this a rant.

It's disgusting. How men treat women. And the way boys are brought up in Indian society. That's the start, i would say. Are they told not to disrespect women? Or does it occur in their minds ever? Whoever said that boys are superior to girls. Damn them. It's them who are bringing shame upon our society.

Have we really evolved? Animals are way better than us in some aspects. We will never become civilized. Period.

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Srik said...

I totally agree to your views. The thing is - we must punish the parents of the offenders; unless which the sane will not be prevailed.

Parents, friends must own responsibility for any act of an individual. It is a shame.

The moral weakness of our society stands brutally exposed. I am at short of words :(

I have a rant or two pending towards the people who just stood meak, and witness, at the plight of the girl, and waiting for the cops to come. It's a shame they did not help her....