Friday, December 07, 2012

After my board (Class 10) exams  about ten years ago, i spent two/three weeks in Chennai. In the Summer. With the family of a close friend of father's. Memories of delicious food dominate those of the sweltering heat of the place, and the strict practices there.

I had some amazing food (which was mostly fried) there. In addition, humidity makes me eat almost twice the amount i eat in Bengaluru (at the same time, at the end of the Chennai trip, i had a flatter tummy and apparently my complexion was better) I gluttonized there while falling in love with their style of cooking. So much that i wanted to visit the family in Bengaluru for lunch before coming here. Unfortunately i didn't, and no, i wouldn't be denied a meal even if i did ask shamelessly.

Since then on, i always wanted us to have our own version of some awesome palyada puDi. When mum was in the US, and i had proved to my father that i can prepare decent fare, i was asked to make some Brahmin kinda palya. I did badnekaayi (brinjal) palya which was ok, but was soaked in oil. Now, food made in oil is delicious but the practice at home is to use less oil. And that was almost the last Brahmin-style preparation that i ever did.

No, we don't have our in-house palyada puDi yet, and i don't have any hopes of seeing it in our house in the near or far future. And even though we can prepare some Brahmin cuisine, i wouldn't because of the oil content in them. Not in Bengaluru.

p.s. I understand i'm being kinda casteist when i refer to Brahmins as a population. But, each section of our society practice slightly differerent lifestyles which can be easily identified with and thus categorised. This is the sole reason why i mention them so. Come on, caste-hindus sounds worse.  This has been the reason for me not posting some of my observations which'll no longer be the case.

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