Sunday, November 25, 2012

This has been on my mind since a few months. Yet, something held me from writing on it. Since, the theme is recurring, i thought 'Let's go'. I wanted to talk about this with my father as well. We've talked about this before, but discussing it now would have added to the thinking.

I understand this applies for men as well. But women are targeted more than men. I think in India marriage is more of a societal requirement than a personal one. When we at home were talking about my marriage, i told them that i would like to decide when to marry and how it should be. And was told that such a position by a woman is not acceptable at all. I really dislike some of the restrictions that are imposed on unmarried women in our society.

I understand that we are created differently by nature and all that. However there are other things that we should consider. I understand i've mentioned this in one of my previous posts. Still, try looking at women as individuals first then as women. That's a whole new dimension.

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