Monday, October 29, 2012

When we discussed movies back home, it was usually the Indian 'arthouse' cinema and Hollywood movies.  And these days, we do it more since i've seen them Indian movies and carry my own opinions about them.

Having free time at my disposal here, i've watched Indian cinema mostly and i've realized that Indian cinema is really not in Hindi. We've so much in regional languages. It's another thing that we have so many languages that we really cannot understand and we need subtitles to understand the plot. This is a major drawback i would say.

In my opinion, the tag 'arthouse' is quite a misnomer. It's real, incidents that happen/happened in our midst. We hardly get to see much of it these days. Hindi movies are really over-the-top though they are some which have some flavor of 'arthouse' in them. They are colourful and are not necessarily set in a rural backdrop. Some impress me while others don't. Those that appear appealing have one major flaw. They have characters in the storyline which are enacted by actors from 'commercial' cinema. And these turn out to be spoilers. They ruin pretty much everything.

One director who i really appreciate, or rather appreciated since he does not do the kind of movies he used to is Prakash Jha. His 'Gangajal' is one of my all-time favourite movies in Hindi. But when i get to his movies which came about after that, i don't know. Perhaps, 'Apaharan' is ok, but 'Raajneeti' and 'Arakshan' is definitely not. I couldn't sit through ten minutes of 'Arakshan' and seeing Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan.  They, in a story which reflects on a social issue is unimaginable and so out-of-place. Please, Mr. Jha, please go back to what you were doing before.

Cinema has begun to affect me. I would, never in my dreams, imagine myself saying something to this effect, a couple of years earlier. I should like to see simple, sensible tales told on celluloid, with nothing fancy and glossy attached to it.

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