Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Being cosmopolitan is nice. Among the different cities that i've visited in the country, Bengaluru is cosmopolitan  maybe not in league with Delhi and Mumbai. But when compared to the rest, it has seen more influx.

Mixing of different cultures is quite nice. One observes various languages, people, lifestyles, food etc and gets to appreciate the outside world a little more. At the same time, there's a slow destruction of the local culture. I've often observed that people who come to the city don't actually know the city. Bengaluru is not M. G. Road, the malls or Brigade Road. There's Kannada, Gandhi Bazaar, Ugadi and others. It's sad to see all of this taking a backseat.

Yes, we come from cultures that are very apart from one another. But surely, that does not hinder us from learning others. Hope Bengaluru does not loose the remaining authenticity that is found presently.

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