Monday, September 03, 2012

I've actually started viewing movies after moving here (quite in a literal sense). At home it was more like one movie per week and this was rare. I admit that it's hardly anything but i'm not complaining. Here, i hardly get Indian literature to read, and with the variety of movies on the internet, i'm drawn to them. Books have been replaced by videos. I would still term this development 'sad'.

Most of the stuff that is produced in the name of movies in India is trash to say the least. Having being mostly subjected to these and not the ones that can be termed as 'mediums of expression'; it's taking me some time to develop the temperament via which i can really appreciate such movies. The two kinds are so detached from each other.

I guess one reason is that my understanding of the languages is very basic. Or does that really matter? When i'm asked to perceive the  narrative, the emoting skills of a particular person, or the locale by seeing it on a screen, i prefer reading them with all eloquence. An 'art' movie, to me, is like reading a Premchand story in all it's bareness. Without any frills attached. And i think i should acknowledge this on screen as well.

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