Saturday, September 15, 2012

Culture and traditions should change with time. We see new things, experience them and sometimes make them a part of our lives. Keeping this in mind, i don't understand why menstruation is such a big event in our lives. Especially when a girl menstruates for the first time, it's considered phenomenal. Every girl attains puberty and it is simply a natural process. This is what father told me and i think this is how it should be looked at. Period.

At home, almost nothing is 'restricted' when one's menstruating. Except, entering the 'puja' room, but i've done that ample number of times, so i can say that i'm not restrained. It's just another day.  I've seen women being treated differently in other houses. To not move around the house, not to touch things, not touch other people, being segregated from the rest of everything for three days (so that nothing gets 'polluted') every month until the woman reaches menopause, is not something that we can be proud of. It's demeaning.

Whoever came up with such rules under whatever circumstances, but that's past us. It's time that we change our ways of thinking. There are many ways of celebrating 'womanhood' if one's really keen on doing that. We seldom do that.

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